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Getting Started and How to Create a Good Practice Schedule.


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Navigating the Website:

The categories on the left hand side of the site are basic essential learning lessons designed for you to apply to a daily/weekly practice routine. To get the most out of this website and to create a good guitar practice schedule start at the top of each section.  Each section starts at a beginner level moving down to intermediate and then advanced guitar lesson topics.

The categories on the right hand side are designed to teach you guitar techniques. This is where you will find Free Live Guitar Podcast Lessons where you can interact and ask questions. The Song Section where you can request a custom made guitar lesson of your favorite song (covering Classic Rock, 80's Metel, 90's Metal and Guitar Instrumental songs).

The six week guitar courses are for the Intermediate to Advanced guitar player and are designed to teach you how to  master the entire fretboard in just a few short weeks.

Here are a few of the courses available

Ear Training Mastery,

Rock Solo Mastery,

Shred Guitar Mastery,

7 String Mastery,

Fretboard Mastery,

Arpeggio Mastery,

Tapping Mastery,

Stirng Skipping Mastery.

The Guitar Backing Track Download Section is where you can download backing tracks and jam along to them. The Styles of the Legends section  has hundreds of guitar lessons where you will learn licks, tricks and solo's of your favorite guitar lengends.

Getting Started:

Each section starts at the basic knowledge level where you will build a foundation of Harmony and Theory; how chords are made and how scales are built, starting with the notes on the fretboard. This is a simplistic approach and method to learning how the fretboard is layed out. After learning Basic Scale Formulas you will move down to the intermediate lessons and learn "The Circle of Fifth's (sharp keys) and The Circle of Fourth's (flat keys)". Continue moving down towards the advanced lesson topics until you have completed each section.

* As  you are moving down to more advanced levels continue to work on your fine motor and muscle memory skills such as; scales, chords, rhythms and sub-divsions.


Creating your Practice Schedule:

If you have one hour a day to practice, follow this guideline. Even if you know the subject, it is always good to have a refresher lesson. For best results systematically follow the website course.

Week #1 -   Go through each category (Music Theory, Guitar Chords, Guitar Scales, Speed Building). Apply the first one to three lessons in each category to your practice schedule. Work on each Lesson Topic  for 15 minutes.

Example: Music Theory Lessons:  Notes on the Fretboard and Intervals, spend 15 minutes combined on both lessons.  Guitar Chords:  Open Chords, Movable Chords and Power Chords, spend  a minimum of 15 minutes combined on these guitar lessons. Guitar Scales:  Open Scales, Five Tone Pentatonic Scales and Blues Scales, spend a minimum of 15 minutes combined on these guitar scale lessons. Speed Building: Left and Right Brain Technique Lesson, spend 15 minuntes on this lesson. Now you have a one hour practice routine repeat this daily for the first week.

Week #2  and on - Follow the general guideline used in week #1 moving down to the next lesson in each category. By applying this method on a weekly basis to your practice schedule you will find yourself learning advanced guitar lessons in a very short period of time.


6 Week Courses

When learning a 6 week courese you can follow it in a systematic week by week approach or to get a more efficient practice schedule take week 1 of each course you would like to learn and apply it to your personal routine.

Example: Week 1 Ear Training Mastery, Week 1 Rock Solo Mastery,Week 1 Fretboard Mastery, Week 1 of Arpeggio Mastery,Week 1 Stirng Skipping Mastery. Work on each week for 15 minuets per day.
Apply this your daily/ weekly practice routine and you will cover more ground and learn a lot more in a short amount of time.

Combine any lesson and create a custom prctice routine to your own personal learning needs.

* A Guideline Rule:  Always use a Metronome when practicing.


Tuesday, 26. July 2016